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  • Clinton Says The ‘Clean Energy Economy’ Will Create Millions of Jobs. Can It? October 21, 2016
    Job growth is a prime topic in the U.S. presidential race, but Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have very different takes on the role clean energy could play in creating employment.
  • Lake Erie’s Icebreaker Offshore Wind Project Moves to Scoping Phase October 21, 2016
    A long-planned Lake Erie wind project got an important boost in September. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), along with the Coast Guard and the Army Corp of Engineers, held a public scoping session to start a federal environmental assessment for Project Icebreaker, which would construct six wind turbines about eight miles from shore.
  • Unlocking the Clean Energy Value of Dormant Corporate Properties — Part Two: Procurement October 20, 2016
    Dormant corporate properties are low-hanging fruit for corporate procurement. The corporate owner already has the liability for the underlying contamination. Provided the owner is sufficiently creditworthy and willing to indemnify the developer and EPC contractor, the path forward for clean energy development is open.
  • One if by Land, Two if by Sea — U.S. Offshore Wind Power Has Arrived October 19, 2016
    2016 will be remembered as “the year U.S. offshore wind arrived,” as Block Island Wind Farm, a 5-turbine 30 MW offshore-wind project, arose off Rhode Island’s coast this summer and will soon power the grid. Relatively modest in scale, this wind farm's christening carried significance greater than its size. The first "steel in the water" […]
  • Unlocking the Clean Energy Value of Dormant Corporate Properties — Part One: Advantages October 19, 2016
    More than 60 percent of the Fortune 500 companies have adopted sustainability commitments. Many other leading businesses have similar initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve resources, increase efficiency, generate cost savings and give back to their communities.
  • Sustainable Amsterdam: A ‘Win-Win’ Post-Fossil Fuel Strategy October 19, 2016
    Convinced that a rapid transition away from fossil fuels would be a “win-win” for the city, Amsterdam officials are committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 80–90 percent by 2050, largely eliminating reliance on fossil fuels.
  • The Asia Super Grid – Four Countries Join Together to Maximize Renewable Energy October 18, 2016
    The triple-disaster of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown that hit the northeast of Japan in March 2011 was a wake-up call for many people. This was true for Masayoshi Son, a founder, chairman, and chief executive officer (CEO) of Softbank Group, a Japanese multinational telecommunications and internet corporation. Having experienced the danger of nuclear power […]
  • Why Everyone is Talking About Baseload Power October 18, 2016
    One concept over the last few months that seems to have become more prevalent is the idea of baseload power. Politicians seem to mention it at every opportunity when they talk about energy. At the moment it’s being used as a reason why the UK needs more nuclear and other similar types of projects rather […]
  • China Announces New Renewable Energy Tariff Surcharge Subsidy Catalogue October 17, 2016
    China’s Ministry of Finance, National Development and Reform Commission and National Energy Administration on Sept. 23 jointly released the sixth edition of national renewable energy tariff surcharge subsidy catalogue, which lists the 1,300 new energy power stations approved for the subsidy.
  • USADF, GE Africa Tackle Energy Poverty, Gender Inequality October 17, 2016
    Whether proscribed by law or not, unequal treatment of women continues to pose challenges in both industrially developed and lesser developed countries worldwide. With an estimated 1.2 billion worldwide people living without electricity, so does energy poverty.

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